Kip Fulbeck is a mixed media artist and professor of art at the university of California, Santa Barbara. Fulbecks multicultural work known at the hapa project is a perfect exemplar of what I am researching. Hapa comes from the Hawaiian Pidgin word meaning part or mixed and is a term commonly used in the united states to denote people who have mixed Asian or Pacific Islander ethnic heritage. The hapa project is a multiracial identity project created by artist kip fulbeck. the project embodies a range of mediums, including a published book, travelling photographic exhibition, satellite community presentations, and online communities.

The Hapa Project

Martin Schoellers photographic typology titled The Changing Face of America is also another exemplar that  informs my own research into multi-racial and ethnic people. Similarly to Fulbeck, Schoeller is interested in identity and how the people photographed in his work see themselves and how they feel about being multi-racial. Schoeller contemplates the idea that society may one day reconsider the existing definitions of race and identity.





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